NABI blackseed Ltd was established in 2014 to bring one of natures most powerful medicinal healing oils to anyone who might need it.

Our ethos is to source the best Nigella sativa seeds in the world and from them produce the finest black seed oil! We also want to raise awareness about this wonderful natural product and encourage more research into its healing benefits.

blackseed hadith

Black seed use in Islam has an esteemed position.

Through researching optimal Nigella sativa growing conditions we found the best climate was actually that of the region in which the plant originates (Middle East / Mediterranean / Southern Europe).

With bright sunny days and cool nights over a long growing season the climate of Turkey produces a seed which is allowed to slowly ‘ripen’ all the while developing its rich and complex array of powerful healing components.

Nigella sativa seed pods black seeds

Dried Nigella sativa seed pods with the black seeds

To ensure a premium product NABI blackseed only sources Nigella seeds from the top Nigella sativa growers in Turkey. We select a blend of seeds which provides a high quality wholesome black seed oil with an excellent flavour balance.

black seed oil press

Bags of our select Turkish Nigella seeds awaiting the slow cold press extraction

Our select black seeds are pressed at a specialist oil facility in Turkey. The friction generated from hours of pressing tons of black seed would normally generate significant heat.By using an ultra slow cold press method, we ensures high quality extraction with all the delicate volatile compounds intact.

black seed oil press

NABI blackseed oil is guaranteed 100% pure virgin Nigella sativa oil with absolutely nothing added. The freshly pressed black seed oil is machine packed into protective amber glass bottles to seal in freshness.

black seed oil bottle

Black seed oil cold pressed from a select blend of fine Turkish Nigella sativa seed

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