Black Seed Oil for Fungal Infections

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Anti-fungal properties of black seed oil

Black seed oil is well know to fight a range of different bacteria, fungi and viruses, which can cause infections in humans. It is commonly used in traditional medicine for a range of different infections.

Skin fungal infections can be some of the most stubborn and annoying infections we face often requiring repeated courses of anti-fungal creams and steroids, and sometimes systemic anti-fungal treatment.

Most fungal skin infections are caused by three pathogenic dermatophyte strains; Trichophyton mentagrophytes, which cause ringworm in companion animals, Microsporum canis a fungus that can cause tinea capitis (scalp ringworm) and Microsporum gypseum a soil-associated dermatophyte that can infect the upper dead layers of the skin.

A recent study from Research Center for Tropical and Infectious Diseases, Kerman University of Medical Science, Iran evaluated antifungal activities of the essential oil and various extracts of Nigella sativa including its main component, thymoquinone against these three common pathogenic fungi.

Fungal cultures were grown on plates and the ability of black seed oil and its extracts to inhibit the growth of fungal cultures was analysed.

The results showed that the essential oil and various extracts of N. sativa particularly thymoquinone have potent antifungal effects on T. mentagrophytes, M. canis and M. gypseum as pathogenic dermatophyte strains.

This study supports the use of N. sativa seeds in the traditional medicine for dermatophytic infections.


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6 thoughts on “Black Seed Oil for Fungal Infections

  1. Agape says:

    But how is one supposed to use the black seed oil? Should we use it topically? Or take it orally? If orally, should we take it by spoon fulls? Or fill a capsule and swallow the capsule? Or mix the oil with FOOD? Please explain.

    • nabiblackseed says:

      Dear Agape
      Black seed oil can be used both topically (for eczema, fungal infections, dry skin etc…) and orally (for diabetes, pain, inflammatory conditions, immune disorders, cancer etc…)

      Taken orally it should be established regularly with 1 – 3 spoonfuls (5ml) taken throughout the day. From experience taking it 30 minutes before food with a little honey or fruit juice, or with a light meal seems to be the best – you can feel the calming effects of the oil kick in. It can be mixed with food however this may reduce the absorption as more oil may just pass through especially with heavy / fatty meals.

      Capsules are also available, the same rules apply.
      Kind regards
      Team @

  2. Sara says:

    Hello, what’s the protocol for intestinal parasites (roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, etc)? I have been taking a spoonful of the oil with honey for over six months but to no avail. Am I doing something wrong? I also tried the vinegar-blackoil mix, rubbed it on my tummy and liver areas. Didn’t do squat!

  3. Heather Kritzer says:

    What would be the full and proper protocol to begin black seed oil for parasite treatment course. how long, and is the oil better than capsules? I currently take 2 pills in morn on empty stomach trying to get my blood sugar down into normal range. will this protocol affect parasites too, or would you need to take more?

    • nabiblackseed says:

      Dear Heather
      Two capsules in the morning should help however the dosage might be too low for parasite eradication it might be better to switch to the oil if you are not having any results with the capsules. Traditionally consumption of the seeds (after gentle warming) have been used for parasites. The seeds can be added to food as well.
      Kind regards
      Team @ NABI blackseed

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