Black Seed Oil Taste

Black seed oil white bowl

What does black seed oil taste like?

Thinking about taking black seed oil but worried about the taste? this guide will explain what good quality pure black seed oil should taste and look like.

Taste / Smell of Black Seed Oil:

Black seed oil taste is similar to the pleasant spicy smell of the Nigella sativa seed. Good quality black seed oil is perfectly palatable with a smooth texture and a distinctive spicy / peppery taste.

Black seed oil immediately hits the back of the throat and flavour builds in the mouth. Unfiltered oil can taste stronger particularly if shaken before pouring. A small amount of honey or sip of fruit juice clears the palate following a serving.

Nigella seeds and black seed oil
Black seeds and freshly pressed black seed oil

! Be cautious of black seed oil which tastes extremely strong or overly bitter as this can indicate heat or chemical extraction methods and can be almost impossible to consume !

Colour of Black Seed Oil:

Pure black seed oil has a rich green to amber colour. Unfiltered oil when shaken becomes darker and can have a dark green to black colour.

Unfiltered black seed oil will have some fine particulates from the seed coat and centre this usually settles to the bottom.

Golden green colour of pure black seed oil

Most black seed oil comes in a brown bottle (to limit effect of UV light on the oil). Pour some into a clear cup and place against a white surface to examine the colour and clarity.

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