What are the health benefits Black seed oil?

black seed oil health effects

Health benefits of black seed oil are numerous and the scientific evidence base for its use is growing exponentially. A search of the peer-reviewed scientific literature reveals the breadth of the  positive effects black seed oil has.

In the following pages we give a synopsis of the latest medical peer-reviewed publications on Nigella sativa and its proven role in the management of a range of diseases.

The health claims about black seed where put most aptly by The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who taught the seeds regular use is “…a cure for every disease…” more than 1,400 years ago.

Since the 1960s hundreds of scientific papers have been published which have confirmed the many different beneficial effects of black seed oil and its extracts on the body. Nigella sativa has been proven to help with  inhibiting and reversing many harmful processes which cause disease.

Find out more about exactly what makes up the composition of the amazing Nigella sativa black seed, click here.

Thymoquinone has been isolated as one of the most active components of black seed oil
(a) Nigella sativa seeds (black seeds) (b) The chemical structure of thymoquinone (2-isopropyl-5-methyl-1,4-benzoquinone)

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9 thoughts on “What are the health benefits Black seed oil?

    • nabiblackseed says:

      Dear Ahmad
      I am sorry to hear you are suffering with cancer. Where is the primary tumour?

      Most of the effects have been proven on cancerous cells in vitro (i.e. in a lab on cell cultures) or on animal models of cancer. Nigella sativa effects which inhibit processes involved in metastatic spread have been proven.

      Let me know and I will summarise the medical evidence to date for your particular cancer type.

      Kind regards

    • nabiblackseed says:

      Dear Hakim
      The effect of blackseed oil and extracts on prostate cancer has been establish in the lab. See here: Study 1, Study 2 and Study 3. It is also believed that it may serve a role in preventing prostate cancer.
      It is important to note that to date human trials of black seed oil (or extracts) on prostate cancer have not been conducted however the effect on a cellular level is well established.
      All the best
      Nabi Blackseed Oil Team

  1. earl charles says:

    I have a friend have been sick for just about 5 years, she is always nausious and always having a lot of belly pains, she is 29 years of age . will this product be able to help her in any way?

  2. Krizzy says:

    Good day!

    I would like to ask regarding the health benefits of black seed oil. I was diagnosed with endometrioma in the uterus and as well as in the right ovary and I also have multiple uterine fibroids. Some of the fibroids are necrotizing that why I’m suffering from tremendous pain every now and then.

    I want to ask what is the correct dosage in taking this black seed oil and what is the frequency? Big thanks!

    By the way, when I purchased this black seed oil the seller told me it is intended to be taken orally. But what if it is intended for the hair? (I’m doubtful because the label was written in Arabic and I don’t know to read it since I’m an Asian.)Is it still safe to take orally?

    • nabiblackseed says:

      Dear Krizzy

      Our bottles are not printed in Arabic. They are in English. Our black seed oil is bottled in the UK.

      No scientific research has looked at the effects on endometriosis or fibroid however there is lots of anecdotal evidence from personal testimonials and forum online of women who have derived benefits from the black seed oil.

      Please do let us know how you get on

      Kind regards
      Team @ NabiBlackSeedOil.com

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