Five ways to help you enjoy the taste of black seed oil

black seed oil smoothie

The tiny black seeds from the Nigella plant are used in cooking for their spicy warmth. Sometimes compared to oregano, the seeds of Nigella plant release aromatic heat that compliments breads, pizza, salads and curries. The taste of black seed oil is the same as the pungent hit you get when you crush a Nigella seed, multiplied by about seven.

black seed taste adds spiciness to cooking
For years black seeds have been adding spiciness to many cuisines

One question we get asked time and time again by newbs is how to make black seed oil palatable if you simply don’t like that taste…?

What to do if your black seed oil tastes bad?

First-things-first, ensure you have purchased pure cold pressed Nigella seed oil with non-chemical extraction. Its also best if the oil is packed in glass bottles.

If you’ve ticked all the above boxes and still cant handle the taste of black seed oil fear not! Our five-point action plan will have you gulping it down like a boss.

1. Keep your oil in the fridge

Black seed oil kept in the fridge will not only maintain freshness but also significantly dampen the flavour of the oil as at room temperature black seed oil will give off more pungent vapours.

2. Have something super sweet like honey straight AFTER…

A teaspoon of honey will immediately replace the taste of black seed oil your mouth. Importantly don’t have anything sweet immediately before, as this will amplify the taste of the black seed oil.

Black seed oil with honey works well
Honey goes really well with black seed oil and helps it go down easily

3. Hold your nose

This one is a little bit of a cop-out but works when taking anything orally as most taste we experience is actually smell. The down side to this is you will be limiting your adaptation to the taste of black seed oil. Works well short term if you desperately need to take the oil but just cant handle the taste right now.

4. Mix black seed oil with something really nice

This works well particularly for children. Black seed oil can be added to a bottle of sweet fresh fruit juice (apple or cranberry juice both seem particular good), milkshake or smoothie works well too. Shake the bottle really well and most kids will guzzle it down unaware!

Black seed oil mixed into fruit smoothie
Black seed oil in a smoothie – great way get kids to take it and thank you for it

Mixing up black seed oil with yoghurt works well too for masking the strong taste.

5. Patience and perseverance…

This is really important because the effects of black seed oil are time and dose dependent, you need to stick at it. Most people will notice improvements quite quickly but the major benefits come from sustained daily use.

Like any new culinary experience our taste buds take time to adapt. If you think about some of the things humans enjoy (e.g. black coffee?!) black seed oil tastes much better.

Remember the majority of people will come to accept and even enjoy the taste of black seed oil with time especially when they start to associate it with feeling so good!

Five ways to help you enjoy the taste of black seed oil
Article Name
Five ways to help you enjoy the taste of black seed oil
1. Keep your black seed oil in the fridge, 2. Have something super sweet like honey straight after… 3. Hold your nose! 4. Mix black seed oil with something really nice (like a smoothy), and finally 5. Patience and perseverance...

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