Black Seed Oil for Infections

Black seed oil has proven anti microbial action of Nigella sativa (black seed) and is useful for those with infections 

Nigella sativa has anti bacterial properties against a range of bacteria, including those which are resistant to multiple conventional antibiotics. [i]

Nigella sativa (black seed) has anti-bacterial properties even against MRSA.

A study which looked at methacillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) found that an extract of Nigellan sativa (black seed) was effective against all strains of the MRSA tested. [ii]

Additionally there is good clinical evidence that use of black seed oil for infection caused by helicobacter pylori (the bacteria responsible most stomach and duodenal ulcers) is as effective as conventional therapy. [iii]

Significant antifungal activity has also been reported in both the black seed oil and extracts[iv] inhibitory activity against yeasts comparable to conventional therapy. [v]

Additionally the immune boosting effects of this amazing plant will facilitate the immune system to fight off infection.


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