Black Seed Oil for the Immune System

The constituents of Nigella sativa (black seed oil) modulate the immune system

The immunomodulatory effects of black seed oil on the immune system are beneficial for diseases in which the immune system becomes over-active or under-active or simply attacks the wrong thing (i.e. in auto immune diseases)

We have summarised the scientific evidence for the use of black seed oil against diseases in which the body’s immune system is implicated. Click below for further information.

2 thoughts on “Black seed oil for the immune system

    • nabiblackseed says:

      Dear Gloria
      Black seed oil has great immunomodulatory actions and has been found to be highly beneficial for a number of autoimmune diseased.
      Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease and one which is treated with immune system suppression and immune system modulation.
      I think it would be very sensible to give black seed a try as it has many proven benefits which would help with a condition like sceroderma including protecting the organs from the harmful effects of conventional medications.
      There are a lot of anecdotal reports on the web of individuals with sclerodemra who have had amazing results with black seed oil (e.g.

      Best of luck and please post back with an update if you do take it.
      Team @


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