Black Seed Oil Use

Black seed oil use is found across the world. The tiny black seeds of the Nigella sativa plant have been used as a culinary spice and traditional medicinal herb for thousands of years.

The use of black seed has been passed down through the generations in many different systems of medicine and adherence to the use of black seed for a range of different ailments is still found across the globe.

Within islam black seed holds a weighty position having been used by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who described it as a cure for all diseases.

Since the 1960’s hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies have been published reporting its varied effects. Our understanding of the Nigella sativa plant seed composition had grown hugely and every year more and more studies are shedding light on the different ways the components affect us.

Many studies have been carried out in the lab, on animals and humans examining the effects of black seeds, oil and extracts have. These studies have shown an array of amazing properties found within black seed including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-neoplastic, immunomodulatory and the list goes on…

Although the studies number over 600 there is still so much we don’t know. The evidence for use of black seed oil for any particular ailment is based on the scientific data we do have, traditional uses and consensus of individual experiences historically and to the present time.

What conditions could black seed oil potentially be beneficial for?
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Pain
  • Auto-immune conditions
  • Metabolic disorders (including hypercholesterolaemia, diabetes)
  • Cancer
  • Infections
  • Skin conditions
  • Allergies and asthma

42 thoughts on “Black Seed Oil Use”

  1. I have had chronic sinus infection and lack of smell for years. Would the application of black oil into my nasal passage help reduce inflammation. My olfactory nerves work well when molecules can reach them. Would oil directly into the nose be the best treatment or taking capsules. Can both methods of application be used at the same time.
    I also have asthma and use inhalers. Recently i have cut out of my diet all grains and processed sugar and that seems to having an effect on the mucus production.

    1. Dear Sue
      Your symptoms of sinusitis are likely to respond well to the black seed oil. You can take it both orally and apply it as intra nasal drops. The mucolytic and anti-inflammatory properties should help. For nasal application apply one drop into each nostril twice daily following nasal lavage.
      Kind regards
      Team @ NABI blackseed

  2. Also I would like to know how much daily dosage to take for high blood pressure symptoms my pressure is very high like 190/110 I would like it to come down to normal.

    1. Dear Brian
      Black seed oil only has a moderate effect on the reduction in blood pressure. You firstly need to see you doctor who will help manage this. Black seed oil does have protective properties to help tissues within the body deal with the damaging effects of conditions like hypertension when taken daily over a long period of time (one 5ml portion daily). A great natural treatment for blood pressure control is to take a clove of garlic daily (be aware this will also thin the blood).
      All the best
      Kind regards
      Team @ NABI blackseed

  3. Is taking capsules as beneficial as taking the oil? pls and if so what dosage should be taken daily? Thanks

    1. Dear Amanda
      It depends on the indication. You have to remember a capsule contains 1g of oil (this is about 1ml). For maintenance of health and things like improving bowels, memory, sleep (keeping bodily functions ticking over nicely) 1-2 capsules daily are enough. For helping with things like asthma, allergies etc. most people find they need to take larger doses so the oil is better as one teaspoon contains 5ml.
      Kind regards
      Team @ NABI blackseed

        1. Dear Amanda
          For capsules you will likely need a minimum of 2 capsules twice a day 30 mins before a meal or with a light meal. Check your blood sugars and tell your doctor as with time you may need your diabetic medications adjusting.
          Kind regards
          Team @ NABI blackseed

  4. If I don’t take the black seed oil 20-20 min before a meal, will it still be effective?

  5. Hi

    I have chronic psoriasis, and have been recommended to take this oil. How much should i take each day?

    1. Dear Rubina
      It may well be beneficial to take the black seed oil orally and topically for psoriasis. A study in a mouse model of psoriasis has found benefits. It has not been studied in humans with the disease so exact dosing is not known.
      When applied topically black seed oil is best mixed with a thicker base oil like vaselline to enable longer duration of action at the site. When used like this 2-3 times daily application over affected area is enough.
      For oral dose usually one 5ml spoon is enough if taken daily, if the condition does not respond increase to twice then three times daily.
      All the best
      Kind regards
      Team @ NABI blackseed

  6. Is it okay to take 1tsp of black seed oil per week for a normal healthy person or should I take more?

  7. Can you please provide a dosage guide for Neuroendocrine Cancer grade 3. Also if it is best to take in oil or seed form?

    1. Dear Batool
      Unfortunately no such studies have been done to indicate any dose. We would recommend a fairly high dose of at least 3 spoons a day. The more aggressive the diseases the more the need for persistent high doses over long periods.
      Kind regards
      Team @ Nabi Blackseed

  8. For how mouth to tack BlackSeedOil with honey?
    what dosage or amount of black seed oil would be effective?
    any food control you most not this food please help me sir wetting for you reply

    1. Dear Mr Ahmed
      I am sorry to hear you are battling with this.
      Yours is a common question which doesnt have a quick answer. A number of factors affect the dose needed:-
      1. How agressive and advanced is the cancer
      2. How your general health / immunity is
      3. Your body mass

      Many studies in the area confirm dose and time dependent responses. If the cancer is aggressive you need to take black seed as frequently as needed to see and feel a response.

      Do this under the supervision of your doctor and be aware of the other effects of black seed oil including sedation and hypoglycaemia.

    1. Dear Sharon
      What kind of tumour is it? Black seed oil has been demonstrated to have many anti-neoplastic (anti-cancer) properties. Different studies have examined the effects on different tumours. In terms of human dosing trials these are few and far between in the field of cancer treatment. In general we receommend a starting dose of at least 3 x 5ml spoons daily.
      Kind regards
      Team @ Nabi Blackseed

  9. Is the dose for Rheumatoid Arthritis 1 full teaspoon before meals? Is this 3 times a day? Do you just put it on a teaspoon and swallow it straight? How does it taste? How long before one would see improvement in immune modulation? Thanks

    1. Dear Leila
      It depends on how active the disease is and your body weight. Black seed oil is increasingly being proven to be beneficial for Rheumatoid arthritis
      This paper is hot off the press:
      Try 1 x 5ml spoon in the morning before breakfast with honey and increase if the disease becomes more active to 2 or 3 spoons per day. Our oil tastes very palatable.
      Kind regards
      Team @ Nabi Blackseed

  10. Hello, Does it treat Pancreatic Cancer? How? Am talking about Pancreatic Cancer stage 4. Please help. Thank you.

    1. Dear Amed
      There is some evidence that black seed oil and its active components especially thymoquinone have positive effects against pancreatic cancer in lab based studies.

      More studies are needed to establish doses needed. The other benefits of taking it during cancer treatment is it protective effects on the organs of the body against the damaging effects of chemo therapy. Interestingly there is also evidence it may help potentiate the action of chemotherapy agaisnt tumour cells:
      Kind regards
      Team @ Nabi Blackseed

  11. Salaam alaikum,

    Can you please tell me if there is a daily dosage that I should take ? i.e 1 tsp before breakfast, etc? I have type 2 diabetes and most of problems associated with this decease.

    1. Dear Maryam
      You can take it before meals. Take 1 full tsp. You must take it regularly to help with both blood sugar control and the complications of diabetes.
      Kind regards
      Team @ Nabi Blackseed

      1. If you are taking black seed oil to control sugar, do you recommend one tbsp before every meal?

        1. Dear Cathy
          Yes, one 5ml serving 20 – 30 mins before each meal seems to work best, it is also safest as it is least likely to cause hypos.
          Kind regards
          Team @ Nabi Blackseed

  12. Hi my 7yr old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 3 months ago. please advice me on the dosage of black seed oil to give per day.

    1. Dear Maggie
      Start with one 5ml serving before a meal and monitor the effects on sugar control. Aim to increase to one 5ml serving before each meal.
      Kind regards
      Team @ Nabi Blackseed

  13. hi please can blackseed oil be used for sinusis infection ? my daughter suffers from it and snores heavyly with blocked nose.

  14. Assalamu alaikum, i live in india , can i order this oil … I need it specially for my hair loss lately …please help me know this

    1. Dear Hartini
      Effects of black seed oil on fibroid tumours has not really been established. Try taking one or two 5ml servings of black seed oil each day. Many reports online suggest black seed oil helps with fibroid symptoms but no studies on this to date.
      Kind regards
      Team @ Nabi Blackseed

  15. Since depression has recently been linked to an inflammatory response, I wonder how black seed oil would help with depression.

    1. Dear Madeleine
      Several lab studies looking a cellular basis of depression and animal models have found very significant benefits for both depression and anxiety.
      There has been one human study done which has found that four weeks use of Nigella sativa seeds as a nutritional supplement been observed to- stabilise mood, decrease anxiety and modulate cognition positively. See here:
      Many people report significant benefits on mood and outlook when taking black seed oil across reviews, forums etc.
      Good luck!
      Kind regards
      Team @

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Nigella sativa has been renowned in traditional holistic medicine systems for over 2000 years. It has remarkable antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, bronchodilatory, hypotensive, immunopotentiating and anti-cancer properties